Monday, December 22, 2008

Counting Down The Days.......Three, Two, One!

Tim and I cannot wait for this Christmas! As you can see, We went ALL OUT! (Santa came early) Yeah! (Can you believe Tim made that bow! Amazing! I love my handy man:) After spending all of 2008 getting out of debt and maintaining a debt free lifestyle, we thought it was AWESOME when we had money put away in savings, and some extra well deserved x-mas money! It has been such a blast finding each other our gifts! For the past 2 weeks we have asked each other every night "should we open just one?" I swear we are worst than kids sometimes! We love Christmas and we are looking forward to having our first x-mas in our new home! Decorating for Christmas has been splendid and we cannot wait to tackle some more upcoming "Gia by design" projects! Can't wait to open those dang presents!!!!

It's A Winter Wonder Land!

We woke up this morning to a Winter Wonder Land! It was crazy! Yes, we have had some snow fall the past few days, but nothing compared to this! This afternoon most of the roads in Spanish Fork were closed and our power went out! There were cars all over the sides of the roads! Come to find as I was driving to work in Springville, literally 5 miles down the road, it was a heck of a lot better than by our house! (We live by Spanish Fork Canyon) I couldn't believe the Overnight Snow Fall! We took some pic's tonight of Oakley out in the snow! We went to take him out to go potty and he just SUNK!! It was sooo funny. He was hopping around like a little bunny! The most funny is when he came inside, he has snow stuck to his belly and arm pits! Hilarious! Enjoy our Pics!

Halona Christmas Party!!

This year at the Halona Christmas Party, Gia's brother Mike was in charge and had came up with a "ugly Christmas Sweater contest"! It was AWESOME! Gia's brother Shane won wearing a XXXL Womens Sequin Vest! We all wore some nasty sweaters, Tim's was too small and Gia looked like the perfect "Relief Society President"! Not to mention Gia looked Eighty! LOL. Everyone including Hurley and Oakley wore a sweater! We loved it! We had tonz of fun eating Mutton Stew, Fry Bread and lots of Treats! We played some games and just enjoyed each others company. Merry Christmas Halona's!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ohh LaLa La.....The Festival Of Trees

This past Saturday Tim and I went out on a HOT date! Yay! I love it when Tim takes me out! He took me to the Festival Of Trees at the Expo Center in SLC! I am obsessed with ALL decor and it is one of my passions to decorate so this was a BIG treat for me! It was so beautiful! I found a lot of great ideas and Tim also found an awesome tree that he wished he could have! I also saw the Tohatchi Branch! LOL! I grew up in Tohatchi and attended a very small chapel and some one had made a gingerbread house that looked just like it! You would only understand if you saw it! Lol! It was so much fun and I cannot wait to buy more Christmas Decorations! After the Festival Tim took me out to Ruby River, which just happens to be one of my favorite Steak Houses! I am not much of a meat eater until you mention a prime rib from Ruby! Yum! It was so DELISH! We had so much fun being together, like always, but it was a lot more fun being out and about! I love you Unnie BunnY!! Muah!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gia's First Time SnowBoarding

Well last Weds. we went Snowboarding! It was Gia's first time ever! (Isn't she so cute?) We were impressed on how fast she learned, she couldn't plow, but she definitely rocked at toe siding! She took off really fast until she got scared and would fall over laughing and was funny, although she made up for it the whole 5 days after! She got pretty beat up considering she went against Dr's wishes of not participating in such events! We had fun, even though it wasn't snowing nor did it snow much so far this year at all! The snow was packed hard but we had a good time! Gia is excited to go again and this time...hopefully she won't be as sore! It will definitely be a fun snowy winter for us!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year for Thanksgiving we did our traditional Thanksgiving Breakfast at Gia's parents house and we actually didn't have to leave the state to spend Thanksgiving with Tims family! Our very first Thanksgiving we drove all the way to Oklahoma and last year we drove to Idaho to his Grandparents along with his parents. This year Tim's mom prepared a gorgeous and delicious meal! Although, We were still pretty stuffed after Breakfast though! It was nice to have some of Tim's other siblings up for the weekend! We were Thankful to be together as a family! Each year at Gia's parents all the kids (6 out of the 8) bring a newspaper and we begin our lists and make out a blueprint plan for Black Friday! This is our 2ND year doing Black Friday and we really enjoy the all nighters, trills and excitement that comes with it, along with all the catty people! (Gia is just as sassy and can take anyone down with just a look, LOL) This year we really, really wanted to get a new T.V.. As we are both blind and trying to read subtitles on our little 27" wasn't working for us anymore, instead we would end up not knowing what the heck was said and then to be lost the rest of the shows/movies! I had been secretly been hoarding money every payday for the last 3 months and wanted to surprise Tim so badly with a new TV for Christmas, however knowing that the particular TV probably would not only weigh a 100 LBS but also take up some valuable floor space~So I decided to tell him on Thanksgiving day so he would be able to throw some punches on Black Friday to get it!! So Thanksgiving night, we stayed up all night and headed for Walmart at 1:00 AM! We scoured the store and found the 50" Plasma 1050P that we wanted! We parked our butts on the palette and hung out until the sale began at 5:00 am! At 4:00 am my sister Tahna had called frantic (from SLC) hoping there was an extra TV that I could grab for her. We had 2 right behind us and so I told her to cruz her butt here and get it! Long story short, at 4:35 am there she was and at 4:55 we heard screaming and ripped our TV off the pallet and into the cart! Tim received a battle wound to the finger, but it was well worth it!!! We helped Tahna load her's and made a dash to the checkout to meet Re and Buzz (and of course baby Hurley) and Gia's mom! What a great deal we all got! We were exhausted and went home to sleep it off! We were too excited to really sleep not to mention the sun was shinning at 7AM!! LOL! We called Gia's parents over to help us with the wall mount since Tim and I are not even near "Handy"! We love our new TV and have now become couch potatoes! (Don't know if that is such a good thing!) It was a very fun busy Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Lots of fun memories, full tummies and sleep deprivation! I am so thankful we got to spend the whole weekend with family, and I am so happy and thankful to enjoy another Thanksgiving with my Daddy. We hope to have many more with him... we will keep our fingers crossed and just count ourselves lucky to have another holiday with him! Love you Daddy Nack!:)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A 15 Year Old Dream Came True!!

Saturday November 15th my sisters and I had the time of our lives!! My Sister Re's Birthday is coming up so my sister Tahna and I had the best gift idea ever....why not take Re' to see New Kids On The Block?!?! We talked with the family and ended up raising enough money for an extra ticket for Re'! We had gotten the Sweetest Floor Seats (row 30)!! All growing up my sisters and I LOVED LOVED NKOTB!! We had posters of them and we even had the Barbie's of our Crushes!!!! I am happy to say that "dang I had and do have amazing taste" even at 5 years old!!! I vividly remember us in our New Kids PJ's dancing and singing "The Right Stuff"!! We would always talk about how cool it would be to meet them!!
Tahna and I had gotten these tickets weeks before the concert and we could hardly contain ourselves!! I work with my sister Re' so I had a hard time keeping this secret from her! All I wanted to do was jump up and down and share my excitement! Tahna and I have been counting down each day, and when the day finally came we showed up on Re's doorstep to kidnap her! Her husband was in on the big surprise and had told her that he had movie tickets so she would be ready...when we kidnapped her we played "happy birthday" by NKOTB's 1986 album and gave her, her ticket! Afterwards we went up to SLC to Tahna's house to get ready, after all we wanted to dress up all eighties!!We were SO HOT!! We got to the concert and of course we needed to spend some OUTRAGEOUS dollars on some T-Shirts! We got to our seats and we could not believe how close we were to the stage! We danced and sang our hearts out! I personally kept yelling " I LOVE YOU DONNIE"!! LOL!
About 1/2 way through the concert we noticed a HUGE "something" behind us just 2 rows was covered with a black tarp... well the whole place went black and a light shinned at this "something" and it ended up being a rotating mini stage with a grand piano on it and NKOTB had came out of nowwhere!!!!! We were inches from them!!! If it wasn't for a girl right in front of me, I would have touched my Donnie!!! Oooohhh! I however GOT DONNIE WHALBURG TO WINK AT ME!!!!!!! I almost fell off my chair!! He even posed for my camera!! I was on cloud 9! I got 3 of them to make some kind of gesture and eye contact on me!!! It was heavenly! I enjoyed this concert sooo much and I want to thank my Timmy for finding the tickets and also for letting me "love" and "obsess" about Donnie for the night! I had such a blast with my Sisters, it was so fun to be out together like old times! I am sooo happy that we got to share our 15 year old dream together!!!! LOVE U MY SIS'S!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's been one year......

Last year on November 9th we had lost one of our many babies.... we didn't know at the time that I was carrying a set of twins, I passed the first baby naturally and for the other (our baby girl) she was just as stubborn as her mumma and decided to stick around in my fallopian tube. On December 11th Tim had rushed me to American Fork Hospital due to severe pain in my abdomen. We learned there that our second baby had grown for over 12 weeks in my fallopian tube. I had been bleeding internally for more than 2 1/2 weeks and we were informed that if we had waited 24 more hours they would have lost me. We were crushed by the news and I was scared to undergo emergency surgery and wanted nothing more than to have them save my tube. The surgery was successful and we were blessed to have a successful recovery. We feel as if though our babies were a little scared to come and we now know why. The lord knows us best and will only put us through what we can handle.... we know that this trial was to help both of us prepare and to be grateful for our blessings. We know it will happen, not on our time but the lords and WE WILL BE READY!! We are excited to start our new year and we will then take the time we need to do EVERYTHING in our power to get pregnant....including the help from a Fertility Specialist. I am stoked to start a new chapter of our lives! Anyways...We found this video on YouTube and we just wanted to share and I dedicate this to all the women in the world who have fertility problems. I bawled through the whole ladies....grab a tissue!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2 Years Ago......I got my Prince Charming

Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary when Tim proposed to me!!!!!! I cannot believe it has been 2 years! It has definitely been the BEST 2 years of my life. Tim has been a dream come true and an answer to MY prayers!! I never met someone who makes me feel like I do......he is my everything. My heart is so full of love for him and I cannot wait to be his eternity:) I attached the picture we took just moments after the proposal! When Tim asked me to marry him, it was in front of the Salt Lake Temple and he told me that he wanted to take me there someday....Well we made it a goal and on November 17, 2007 we received our endowments at the Salt Lake Temple.... We are now awaiting for my dad to receive his priesthood (any day now) and when he does we will be on our way to San Diego to be Sealed!!! What a Happy Day!! I love you Timmy:)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Nephew Hurley Ryan Raulston

This past Sunday our Nephew Hurley was blessed! Gia is having the time of her life with the little man. It has been a trying year for the two of us.....loosing our twins in an over traumatic way and also dealing with our 4 other Miscarriages and yet Gia still finds so much happiness through baby Hurley. Hurley was born on August 11th which was only a few weeks from our July 5 due date, however he has been a HUGE comfort to Gia, knowing that Hurley was just with "our baby girl". We know it sounds a bit crazy, but when Gia talks to Hurley about "our baby girl" he always gives her the biggest smile and a look that only the two of them share (so we think:). We know he was with her. Hurley was such a BIG blessing not only for his parents who waited almost 6 years for him, but for us as well. We needed this little man and Gia is sooo excited everyday to be a HUGE part of this little guy's life and we were thrilled to be a part of his special day. I love you Hurley "My Chubbas"! (We love his Traditional Outfit, True Blue Indian)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Mini Vacay!

So last weekend we hit the ShipRock Fair! Gia is from a little town called Tohatchi New Mexico (Navajo Reservation) and ShipRock is only an hour away from there. Gia is obsessed with their traditional jewelry and traditional outfits! And Tim is OVERLY obsessed with their traditional food! :P Well we sat in traffic in ShipRock for over 2 hours! It was worth the wait!! At this fair they sell these unbelievable turquoise jewels for super cheap prices!! We were mainly looking for a Cradle Board for our "someday" baby.... girl:) Tim wanted nothing but the FOOD (and trust me Tim and his brother had more than enough! Haha!) We also kept our eyes out for Our new little nephew Hurley, since he is getting blessed really soon, the family wants to keep it traditional. We arrived around oneish on Friday and the weather held up. We stayed in Cortez Colorado at a hotel and when we awoke the next day it was POURING!! Those of you not familiar with the Reservation, all it is is tumble weeds and dirt EVERYWHERE! When it rains it turns into the biggest muddy mess you would ever experience! Needless to say, we got to walk in all 4 miles of this outrageous Muddy Flee Market! We had mud up to our knees and we lucked out and didn't slip once on this slippery mud! Well we ended up buying Hurley his whole shebang including these tiny moccasins! We bought Gia a HUGE turquoise ring and our someday baby a couple barrettes, bracelets and earrings . It rained the whole way home and we even got a ticket on our way home!! Gia for once didn't get it for speeding but a burned out headlight and her license wasn't valid for some weird reason...we wondered why we couldn't see! LOL! Anyways we are happy we made it home safe and sound, mutton sandwiches and all! We were most excited to show off all of our cool things we bought! We loved our Mini Vacay and we can't wait to go again next year!