Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Nephew Hurley Ryan Raulston

This past Sunday our Nephew Hurley was blessed! Gia is having the time of her life with the little man. It has been a trying year for the two of us.....loosing our twins in an over traumatic way and also dealing with our 4 other Miscarriages and yet Gia still finds so much happiness through baby Hurley. Hurley was born on August 11th which was only a few weeks from our July 5 due date, however he has been a HUGE comfort to Gia, knowing that Hurley was just with "our baby girl". We know it sounds a bit crazy, but when Gia talks to Hurley about "our baby girl" he always gives her the biggest smile and a look that only the two of them share (so we think:). We know he was with her. Hurley was such a BIG blessing not only for his parents who waited almost 6 years for him, but for us as well. We needed this little man and Gia is sooo excited everyday to be a HUGE part of this little guy's life and we were thrilled to be a part of his special day. I love you Hurley "My Chubbas"! (We love his Traditional Outfit, True Blue Indian)

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