Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Mini Vacay!

So last weekend we hit the ShipRock Fair! Gia is from a little town called Tohatchi New Mexico (Navajo Reservation) and ShipRock is only an hour away from there. Gia is obsessed with their traditional jewelry and traditional outfits! And Tim is OVERLY obsessed with their traditional food! :P Well we sat in traffic in ShipRock for over 2 hours! It was worth the wait!! At this fair they sell these unbelievable turquoise jewels for super cheap prices!! We were mainly looking for a Cradle Board for our "someday" baby.... girl:) Tim wanted nothing but the FOOD (and trust me Tim and his brother had more than enough! Haha!) We also kept our eyes out for Our new little nephew Hurley, since he is getting blessed really soon, the family wants to keep it traditional. We arrived around oneish on Friday and the weather held up. We stayed in Cortez Colorado at a hotel and when we awoke the next day it was POURING!! Those of you not familiar with the Reservation, all it is is tumble weeds and dirt EVERYWHERE! When it rains it turns into the biggest muddy mess you would ever experience! Needless to say, we got to walk in all 4 miles of this outrageous Muddy Flee Market! We had mud up to our knees and we lucked out and didn't slip once on this slippery mud! Well we ended up buying Hurley his whole shebang including these tiny moccasins! We bought Gia a HUGE turquoise ring and our someday baby a couple barrettes, bracelets and earrings . It rained the whole way home and we even got a ticket on our way home!! Gia for once didn't get it for speeding but a burned out headlight and her license wasn't valid for some weird reason...we wondered why we couldn't see! LOL! Anyways we are happy we made it home safe and sound, mutton sandwiches and all! We were most excited to show off all of our cool things we bought! We loved our Mini Vacay and we can't wait to go again next year!

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