Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm now a Scentsy Consultant!

I am so excited to be a Scentsy Consultant! I know tonz of peeps are doing it in Utah, but I have such an awesome privilege of having a great clientele from work (our family daycare) so I already got the hook up!! I have only been doing this for about 2 weeks and have almost hit my thousand dollar mark! I have always been obsessed with candles and having my house smell marvelous that this is perfect for me! Scentsy's anyone?!? Check out my website at

Sad day...there is more to come....

So Weds. my dad started his 4th round of Chemo therapy....that says it all. He called me from the hospital just sobbing when they started his treatment. I didn't know what to say other than "I love you daddy". I hate seeing my dad in so much physical and emotional pain, he is someone who I see as the strongest man alive and my superhero. About 8 weeks ago he had gotten a scan and they had found that the cancer has spread from his liver to his lungs, it was about 6mm, so controllable. This last week it had grown to be 1 1/2 inches in less than 9 weeks! It is out of control! My poor dad has been walking hunched over for about a week now due to severe pain in his liver. We pray it isn't spreading into his spine! Last week was the first time I heard my dad admit that this cancer will take his life.... we haven't talked about a funeral or death before.. but it looks as though we better start pinching pennies and figuring out what steps to take (just in case). I am thankful that he is no longer in denial about this whole thing. I know it Will be a long few months, I just hope and pray that we can get this under control and in remission before it takes his life. I am thankful for all the prayers we receive and thankful for everyday that I do spend with him.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy New Year!

Oakley Drinking Cider!
I know...very late posting on my part! The year started off just wonderful....Not! Just a few days after Christmas Tim's business partner decided to pull out of the company and told Tim he is done! What?!? You have got to be kidding me!? Happy freakin New Year! After Tim gave up a wonderful job to go help him and make this business work, we get shafted! Not only do we loose a sweet salary, but also Health insurance! I don't really care about the money to say the least but the Health Insurance? Yes! It took us a year to get approved for insurance and now to loose it!? As we are, or "was" going to start our fertility treatments this month...that is now on hold! As most people know, my dad has stage 4 cancer and it is not looking very good and I want more than anything for him to meet one of his grandchildren! It has been trial and error for the last few weeks. We have fasted, prayed and fasted some more and prayed some more.... nothing. I have been a religious "craigs list" job add searcher and Tim has been so willing to apply at various of places and has even gone to many luck! We have decided to leave it all in the lord's hands and now all we can do is have faith! We know everything will work out and thank goodness we have savings! On a lighter note, we have set some personal goals for this new year, we even made a poster!! Hahaha! Now that the month is almost past we have still kept to our goals and can't wait to let you in on some of it when we accomplish it!!! Keep checking up on us... we have a surprise coming!! But to all our loved ones Happy New Year!!

Christmas 2008

Christmas was splendid as usual, not to mention it was a white Christmas!! We got to spend lots of time with our family's, open presents, drink lots of hot cocoa (mint, that is) and enjoy a long weekend!! I feel so blessed to have been surrounded with so much love and family during the Christmas Season. Tim and I were like kids on Christmas morning and was more than happy with all that we received! I personally was stoked about the new Nikon camera I received! I had been hoarding my mom's camera almost all year since mine had died, and I was not about to buy another one unless it was a professional camera....what do I know about professional cameras?!? Nothing! I look forward to learning though! I was excited to have Tim open one of his many presents....A new wedding ring!! During the summer we went floating down the Provo River with some friends and Tim had lost his wedding ring in the battle of "saving my life"..hahaha! Good Times! Its a lot like his old one, just without the platinum inlay and $1,000 dollar price tag. I decided that he will probably loose this one too, so I compromised! This was my nephew Hurley's first Christmas as well, I was sooo excited to spoil him rotten!! I got him this awesome "punk rocker" jacket that says Hurley and he wears it every day! I love it! I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! We miss all our friends and family's that live out of state! Love you guys!