Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A 15 Year Old Dream Came True!!

Saturday November 15th my sisters and I had the time of our lives!! My Sister Re's Birthday is coming up so my sister Tahna and I had the best gift idea ever....why not take Re' to see New Kids On The Block?!?! We talked with the family and ended up raising enough money for an extra ticket for Re'! We had gotten the Sweetest Floor Seats (row 30)!! All growing up my sisters and I LOVED LOVED NKOTB!! We had posters of them and we even had the Barbie's of our Crushes!!!! I am happy to say that "dang I had and do have amazing taste" even at 5 years old!!! I vividly remember us in our New Kids PJ's dancing and singing "The Right Stuff"!! We would always talk about how cool it would be to meet them!!
Tahna and I had gotten these tickets weeks before the concert and we could hardly contain ourselves!! I work with my sister Re' so I had a hard time keeping this secret from her! All I wanted to do was jump up and down and share my excitement! Tahna and I have been counting down each day, and when the day finally came we showed up on Re's doorstep to kidnap her! Her husband was in on the big surprise and had told her that he had movie tickets so she would be ready...when we kidnapped her we played "happy birthday" by NKOTB's 1986 album and gave her, her ticket! Afterwards we went up to SLC to Tahna's house to get ready, after all we wanted to dress up all eighties!!We were SO HOT!! We got to the concert and of course we needed to spend some OUTRAGEOUS dollars on some T-Shirts! We got to our seats and we could not believe how close we were to the stage! We danced and sang our hearts out! I personally kept yelling " I LOVE YOU DONNIE"!! LOL!
About 1/2 way through the concert we noticed a HUGE "something" behind us just 2 rows was covered with a black tarp... well the whole place went black and a light shinned at this "something" and it ended up being a rotating mini stage with a grand piano on it and NKOTB had came out of nowwhere!!!!! We were inches from them!!! If it wasn't for a girl right in front of me, I would have touched my Donnie!!! Oooohhh! I however GOT DONNIE WHALBURG TO WINK AT ME!!!!!!! I almost fell off my chair!! He even posed for my camera!! I was on cloud 9! I got 3 of them to make some kind of gesture and eye contact on me!!! It was heavenly! I enjoyed this concert sooo much and I want to thank my Timmy for finding the tickets and also for letting me "love" and "obsess" about Donnie for the night! I had such a blast with my Sisters, it was so fun to be out together like old times! I am sooo happy that we got to share our 15 year old dream together!!!! LOVE U MY SIS'S!!!

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Brit Mont said...

Gia! i am creepin on your blog like you told me too. hahah NKOTB! yayy you guys look so awesome and it looks like you had a lot of fun!