Friday, December 5, 2008

Gia's First Time SnowBoarding

Well last Weds. we went Snowboarding! It was Gia's first time ever! (Isn't she so cute?) We were impressed on how fast she learned, she couldn't plow, but she definitely rocked at toe siding! She took off really fast until she got scared and would fall over laughing and was funny, although she made up for it the whole 5 days after! She got pretty beat up considering she went against Dr's wishes of not participating in such events! We had fun, even though it wasn't snowing nor did it snow much so far this year at all! The snow was packed hard but we had a good time! Gia is excited to go again and this time...hopefully she won't be as sore! It will definitely be a fun snowy winter for us!

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