Tuesday, June 16, 2009

April 11, 2009 I finally got my day!

(Still waitin of some pix of Tim and I from the photographer!) My Parents and I were sealed in the American Fork Temple! Yes, it wasn't no San Diego Temple, but it was still the Lord's house, which is just as important. Immediately following the beautiful ceremony with my parents, my husband of 2 years and I were sealed for time and all eternity! Some people looked down on Tim and I for not getting sealed in the temple in the first place, however I explained to Tim prior to our engagement, the importance of my daddy being there for our temple wedding. Daddy had been working diligently for 14 years to go to the temple and had yet to see any of his 8 children married in the temple. I was overwhelmed with such love and the beautiful spirit on that day. After finding out that daddy only was going to be on this earth and in his mortal body for such a short amount of time....it was perfect. Daddy had been struggling but was yet so blessed with the strength and courage to walk, and to be able to kneel at the alter with first my mom and then with me, and only me! I was the only one out of the 8 children to be sealed to my parents! I got my moment! Yes, I am still sad that daddy wont be here for the birth of our future children, or my graduation, anniversarys or other very special events in my life, however I got THIS and nobody, nobody can take that away! How true the gospel is! After almost exactly one week after this beautiful ceremony, daddy had passed on to the other side. I knew it was his last journey on this earth, and don't let me fool you by sounding so excited, in fact I was sooo scared, because I knew daddy would be gone soon after our marvelous day. How true it was. I am so thankful for eternal families, and I am SO proud of my parents, myself, and Tim for being worthy for this special day. Whenever I am having a hard time dealing with daddy's death, I just think and reminisce when I was looking at him in the Celestrial room with that little smirk he always had! Tim and I choose to be sealed the same day as my parents so mom would have someone to celebrate on the many anniversary's to come. Such a special day, and I am glad I waited and got MY day!

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